Participation in a XII Waves Mastermind Chapter enables you to maximize your growth and embed it in practice

Do you really take your success and progress seriously? Sign up for one of our XII Waves Mastermind Chapters. Together with ten other extraordinary entrepreneurs you will work towards your goals, share their network and hold each other accountable. The mastermind chapters offer you the environment in which the XII Waves ideas grow optimally. Make use of each other’s knowledge and experience and raise your own growth to the next level.

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].”~ Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich

Een eerlijke, respectvolle en confronterende spiegel die mij in staat stelt mijn keuzes onder de loep te nemen en nieuwe inzichten en perspectieven biedt. Iets waar ik alleen een jaar over zou doen krijgen we samen in een halve dag voor elkaar.


Do you want to start gaining momentum?

Join one of our exclusive XII Waves Mastermind Chapters. Be part of a group of exceptional professionals you will work towards your goals for 12 months. The investment is €4200 and is often fully earned back by our participants within six months.

Every six weeks a mastermind meeting on location (lunch included)
Maximum of 10 participants, like you, want to reach their goals.
In every mastermind meeting, you will get a hotseat where we discuss your case, questions or celebrate your success.
Two training days with inspiring speakers will inspire you, but also offers you the opportunity to expand your network with mastermind members from all over the Netherlands.
Access to XII Waves Online, including all master classes, exercises, and teaching materials.
Access to XII Waves Community on Facebook, including monthly LiveCasts and interactive Q&A’s.
Participation Vision Quest: the conversation with yourself by going into the forest for 24 hours in seclusion.
Participation Marine Experience: learn to trust yourself outside your comfort zone and test your leadership skills.
BONUS XII Waves Summit: event with active seminars, inspiring speakers and mini-mastermind sessions.
Joining a chapter starts with an intake interview. Upon admission, you get access to the XII Waves Online learning environment and start your digital bootcamp. In an online masterclass, we teach you to implement a roadmap, your masterlist, and a workflow.
The Masterminds come together every six weeks. The meetings consist of hotseats, seminars and master classes.
The Mastermind has a mental and physical test for its members each year. The goal is to go far beyond the comfort zone to gain insights about personal development points.
Twenty-four hours in total isolation. A vision quest is a form of segregation in which the participants spend a full day and night in solitary seclusion in nature. A confrontational ordeal in which you can not escape the conversation with yourself.
Every year an XII Waves Meetup is organized where all Masterminds come together during an exciting inspiration session.
The power of the XII Waves Masterminds is to speak and work in the same language. The XII Waves Protocol forms the basis. An essential pillar in this is your Roadmap. This Roadmap will be your plan for the next 2-5 years.
The Masterlist is the overview of your goals, everything you have to do, but also everything that requires your attention. It is the central place where everything comes together, you determine and monitor your progress.
Slice and Dice! Clarifying and reducing every complex desired outcome in smaller parts and translating this to first (delegated) actions.
Every day the three most important tasks are clear! The Hitlist is the result of translating your dreams into concrete goals, projects, actions. By prioritizing this, it is clear at all times where progress will be made.
With the XII Waves Wingman system, we go a bit further as a standard buddy system. Every day you (low-threshold) agree with your partner what needs to be done and what the hell of the day is!
The XII Waves Cycle gives you a workflow for your day, week and month. Using weekly and monthly retrospectives, we guarantee the progress on your roadmap.

“In the beginning, I thought that a mastermind would help me in making choices within my company, but in reality: decisions are made for yourself and your company. Nobody else can do that for you. There are no shortcuts. The mastermind turned out to be a lovely place to share experiences with other entrepreneurs. For me it is an excellent environment where I can talk about my company without being condemned; precisely because those in the group are not my customers and because they run into the same things. Everyone supports each other on the road to (more) success.”


Roadmap Thinking

Dare to dream! What will your (work)day be like two years from now? In our masterminds, you plot your success for the next two to five years.

Immediately Applicable Knowledge

The goal is to adapt the knowledge you learn and immediately applicable which has a direct effect depending on the individual situation.

Trouble Seeker of Solution Seeker?

Our Masterminds offer participants tools to increase their efficiency, leadership, willpower, and progress.

It’s About You: Be The Hero

Realizing your dreams is not easy! By joining an XII Waves Mastermind Chapter, you will be supported by a group of like-minded professionals under the guidance of a professional chapter head. The common goal: helping each other to manifest your dreams.

Create momentum through the insights and concrete strategies you get from the hotseat sessions.
Your wingman and the chapter leader keep you accountable for your ambitions.
Development and growth as a person as well as in your business.
Systems for productivity, decision-making and focus through the XII Waves protocol.
A valuable network of like-minded people where you can always count on.
Celebrate your success and achieve your goals.

XII Waves Masterminds are not suitable for everyone

We are looking for exceptionally ambitious people. XII Waves Masterminds Chapters are therefore not accessible to everyone. To secure the XII Waves DNA, all new members are selected through an intake procedure.

  • You are an entrepreneur and have a (starting) business, or you are responsible for the primary source of income of the company;
  • Or Corporate Career Go-Getter with very high ambitions with at least a management position.
  • You have high ambitions and drive!
  • Your pitfall is working too hard.
  • You have valuable knowledge and experience for the other mastermind members.
  • You take responsibility for everything that is important to you.
  • You are fit or willing to work on your vitality.
  • You understand that growth requires structural effort and you are willing to commit for at least a year.

Thanks to the Mastermind, I was able to resign from my job within a year and realizing my dreams. During that period I came in contact with people who are essential for my development as well as for my company. In three months, I earned my investment back and had taken enormous steps, resulting in a successful business.


Result: Reaching your goals in a structured manner

An XII Waves Mastermind Chapter meets every six weeks for a year. During the meetings, we have hotseats of all participants, possible guest speakers and of course a healthy lunch.

The composition of the group is essential. The participants commit for a year, have a positive mindset, do not give up quickly and everyone uses the XII Waves Protocol so that we all speak ‘the same language.’ The sessions are confidential, and we treat each other with respect and presence is mandatory.

Method: Work according to the XII Waves protocol

As an XII Waves Mastermind member you get access to XII Waves Online with all master classes and exercises which is € 420 worth.

In this way we guarantee that all members work with the essential XII Waves components: the Roadmap, the Masterlist, the Slice and Dice Protocol, Resistance, the Wingman system and the XII Waves Flow.

Success: Together systematically strong

The Wingman system is more than just link people together to discuss their progress. Such constructions often fail. Participation in an XII Waves Mastermind Chapter also means that you will be assigned a Wingman and will go through a structured number of standard protocols.

Do you want to join together with a friend? Then he or she can, of course, be your Wingman. Learning something new is always tricky, but internalizing the Wingman system is a solid foundation for success.

Ordeal: The conversation with yourself

Twenty-four hours in total isolation. A vision quest is a form of segregation in which the participants spend a full day and night in solitary seclusion in nature.

Armed with water, food, a candle and a notepad we bring you back into contact with yourself. A confrontational mental ordeal in which you cannot escape the conversation with yourself.

The Vision Quest is one of the three national XII Waves events where all masterminders from all chapters participate.

Ordeal: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

It is one of the most important distinguishing features of successful people. We believe that inconvenience can endure for fit people. They are used to train, and their energy level is higher.

The Marine Experience is one of the three national XII Waves events where all masterminders from all chapters participate. The participants will have a challenging day, physically and mentally, where they have to overcome various mental and physical challenges

Participants with a vitality challenge (out-of-shape) will be guided to work towards this challenge — the perfect solution to destroy the challenge.

“Helpful, fast, ideas machine and oriented solutions...
I know Michel as coach of the mastermind group. Michel gives good advice, ideas or solutions when someone else gets stuck in their problem.”


Sign up for an XII Waves Mastermind Chapter or more information?

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Note: registration is not equal to participation. XII Waves Mastermind Chapters are as strong as their weakest member. For that reason, we always use an intake with potential XII Wavers.

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