Twelve Waves is the training institute      for professionals and teams who want to grow and perform extremely well

The result of each organization is determined by the motivation and productivity of their employees and management.

Paying attention to the effectiveness, vitality, and happiness of the people who work within an organization will help by working in a proactive and energetic environment.

When teaching professionals how they can realize their dreams, goals, and ambitions sustainably, an optimal working environment will be created, which result in personal growth and results. It allows professionals to excel within the organizations and teams in which they operate.

On this page, you will find an overview of the Twelve Waves in-company possibilities. These processes are supported by an online learning environment. The complete content of the masterclasses and training courses can be viewed online. All exercises, cheatsheets, trigger lists, and templates are also offered online.


The seminar of Michel has given me tremendous insights. His way of presenting the information was a source of inspiration, motivation and positive energy.

Rene KindermansAbout Michel Vos

Twelve Waves trainers combine best practices from multiple methods and philosophies in a waterproof framework

We teach you how to set concrete goals, cut those into actionable pieces, keep these actions on a central list, prioritize them, plan and execute as efficiently as possible.

There are only a limited number of hours in a week. That is why it is essential to make smart choices in how to spend your time. XII Waves offers advanced time-management techniques to support you.

The focus on balance, sustainable employability and vitality makes XII Waves protocol unique. Within the protocol, there is a Return Home week where time has to be made available to reflect, debug your system and your earned loot. 

In addition, we elaborate on the mental and physical aspects of personal leadership. You learn how to make progress without fear, doubt or when you do not feel like it. Discipline equals freedom.

Effectiveness & Workflow




Set goals
Roadmap sharing

 Step 1 – 7 




Inbox Control 
Slice & Dice 
Fix your mail 
Weekly Workflow 

 Step 8 – 14S




Work in iterations
Adapt & Evolve 
Monthly Cyclus

 Step 15 - 21 

Leadership & Mindgame 




Stress management
Monkey mind
Celebrate success
Steer on numbers 

 Step 22 – 28 




Wingman system 
Peer Review 
Daily Standups 
Weekly Reviews

 Step 29 - 35 




Physical intelligence
Healthy food 
Zingeving & Ego 

 Step 36 - 42 


Twelve Waves offers three master classes that can be followed independently (click for more info).

The hero's journey: personal leadership (goal setting)

“It does not make sense to drive fast if you are on the wrong highway.”

Personal growth, effectiveness and time management are wonderful tools and topics to get started. Only if you use these tools in the right way.

Where do you dream off? A life without any stress? Not getting stuck in a job where you have not any passion for? Finally taking the step to your dreams en ambitions? Or doing your current job like a boss?

Because you’ve probably already tried to organize yourself. Task lists, notes on your monitor, apps, applications and time management courses. Everything goes well for a week or two but you do not stay on track.
Content: In this master class you start with the basis of goalsetting and motivation theory. The most important component of structural behavioral change is to formulate a clear goal and approach this from the classic hero’s journey! You will learn what this is in the workshop!
Result: The result of this workshop is a clear vision for the future of two years, private as well as on professional level. After the workshop you will have your own Roadmap: your blueprint how to live the life of your dreams, goals and ambitions. Besides the roadmap, we will teach you our primary tools how you are not distracted to achieve your goals?

Optimal workflow (getting things done)

“Do not let your success depend on coincidences.”

Following your dreams, goals, and ambitions. Live your most dream life. It seems that it is not for everyone. Only for a specific group of people. Nothing of that is real.

Successful people work according to a specific system. They have a workflow to overcome procrastination, work in a goal-oriented manner and generate momentum on the goals that they want to realize at that moment.

Teaching this optimal workflow gives you the power to manifest. Without stress. Without guilt. Moreover, with time for the things that you find essential.

Content: In this masterclass, you will implement a system which helps you to set clear goals, work in a structured manner, have a clear focus, overcome procrastination and improve your energy level.

Result: After this interactive masterclass you have your logbook, learned to work with a masterlist and a clear workflow. This allows you to organize your life, have an overview of what you want to do, more moments of rest, you work effectively, you make more progress, and you can realize your ambitions and wishes.

More energy (vitality & amp; anti-burnout)

“Stupidity is doing same thing and expecting different results.” – Einstein.

And yet we all expect that ‘work harder’ will be the solution to that feeling of overflow, stress and low in your energy. The same will power is usally used to fight with a body which already has little energy. You just work a bit harder, right?

Unfortunately, this is not good for your body and mind. Energy engine of doing. In fact, energy is how you feel. It determines how much physical or mental effort you can commit. If you feel good you can do more things easily with less effort.

In the masterclass, we will discuss optimizing your mental and physical energy from a holistic perspective with directly applicable knowledge based on the latest insights.

Content: We give considerable attention to vitality from the 6 domains model, in which we start from the self-healing ability of the body. We pay attention to diet, exercise, sleep, stress, mindfulness, breathing, our intestines, and the immune system.

In this masterclass there is also attention for personal leadership, mindset and what your chosen path will look like. It does not make any sense if you drive fast when you are on the wrong highway. This is usually the way to a burn-out or overloaded mind.

Result: The result of this interactive masterclass is a clear step-by-step plan for improving your mental and physical energy. You are less stressed and you feel more vital.

Duration: 3 half-day sessions for 3-6 weeks
Group: 6-10 people
Material online accessible
Teacher: Michel Vos / Sjanett de Geus

Very nice and inspiring program, in which I got a nice speak peak into my own 'Time Management'. There were a lot of useful tips for Time Management.

Rabobank Traineeship ParticipantXII Waves - Goalsetting Masterclass

The enthusiasm, the energy and the examples from our practice. Especially the latter makes the applicability great for me.

DPA ProfessionalMasterclass XII Waves Workflow

A hugely positive method is looking at your own future, done from a certain way of life. I did not expected this in advance. I thought that it was focused on just a tool.

Topicus ProfessionalXII Waves Masterclass Goalsetting


Twelve Waves offers the following two pieces of training (click for more info):

Effectiveness & Workflow

The leaderships training consist of three masterclasses of effectiveness and workflow:


  • Goalsetting
  • Workflow
  • Working in waves


Leadership %amp; Mindgame

The mindgame training consist of three masterclasses of leadership:

  • Resistance
  • Intervision
  • Energy

Duration: 3 half-day sessions for 3-6 weeks
Group: 6-10 people
Material online accessible
Teacher: Michel Vos / Sjanett de Geus

Very satisfying masterclasses of time management and personal development. Michel has a good sense of humor which he uses to make things clear quickly.

Anton Flemminks Smid

Hero Program

The Twelve Waves annual program focuses on the integration of change and leadership.

  • Working with the XII Protocol (3 masterclasses)
  • Six weekly interventions (6 mastermind meetings)
  • Three national meetings (Vision Quest, Marine Experience, XII Summit)

Duration: 9 half-day sessions + national events (2 days and 1 weekend) – 12 months
Group: 6-10 people
Material accessible online

I know michel as coach of the mastermind group. He knows how to use his knowledge well by helping the masterminders quickly with good ideas or solutions.

Larissa Ruwiel

Customized solutions

Besides our masterclasses, training courses and the annual program, we like to think along with you for custom-made solutions, for example, on-boarding issues or individual (vitality) projects.

Please contact us via the form below for an introductory.

Young Professionals

Support for in-company on-boarding processes

  • Kickoff session – Content in consultation
  • Month 1: master class “the hero’s journey” (half day session)
  • Month 2: master class “time management”(half day session)
  • Month 4: Intervision 1 (half day session)
  • Month 6: Intervision 2 (half day session)

Duration: 4 half-days sessions in 6 months
Group: 6-10 people
Material accessible online

Individual Training

Support for energy and burn-out problems
Personal roadmap of at least 12 weeks
Customization per person
Combination of physical and mental coaching
Multidisciplinary process (multiple coaches)

More information about personal coaching
twelve waves in-company trainingen

Michel was my coach in a personal leadership program where he taught me several tools which I use to follow my dreams.

Tobias Krone

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